Joe Hisaishi Symphonic Concert

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Joe Hisaishi Symphonic Concert

Post by Arko » Wed 20 Feb 2019 18:14

I went to 2 Joe Hisaishi concerts in France. One in Paris in a beautiful concert hall (Salle Pierre Boulez at the Philharmonie de Paris) and another one in Lyon in L’Amphithéâtre.
The first one was nice but I wasn't pleased with the pieces played (I wanted to listen to his film work). So I went to another concert that happened a week later not so far from home. This one was more film oriented.

But the orchestra was amplified...

I don't know if it's a common practice to put mics on an orchestra to make it louder in the room, but in my experience, it was dreadful. I had the feeling to listen to an audio recording from a fancy audio device (I'm not even mentioning the colored lights flashing everywhere).
It sounded very one dimensional, especially compare to the last concert I went where the orchestra was live and "unplugged".

Is this thing happening often ?
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Re: Joe Hisaishi Symphonic Concert

Post by FriFlo » Wed 27 Feb 2019 01:42

I hate it, when they amplify the orchestra. Is it common? It depends: I went to a ballet a few years ago (Tchaikovsky - it was a present from my wife) and there wasn't even an orchestra ... the music was played from CD ... well, I guess the Bolschoi Ensemble needed to make quite some money, so there was none left. The last time in my life, I will go to a ballet without checking that!
With film music it depends ... usually, the big venues, like stadiums they amplify, as these do not have proper acoustic qualities, anyway and it would be way to quiet. That is to my taste just making money and I do not attend concerts like that. Hans Zimmer tour is like that and sadly, the last Morricone tour was too ...
When I went to film music concerts in typical orchestral venues, it was never amplified (except for synths, electric guitars, etc, if there were any).

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