I Find Your Selective Memory Disturbing, Mike Verta...

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Kyle Judkins
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Re: I Find Your Selective Memory Disturbing, Mike Verta...

Post by Kyle Judkins » Mon 14 May 2018 02:54

its not just fame though... people simply don't like that you challenged someone, consider that kind of behavior toxic/ect.

in their minds, you were simply just a guy being toxic - a troll/ect that needed to be removed from the equation so it wouldnt ruin their atmosphere.

I got attacked left and right, and since i didn't follow the pecking order - I was also considered a troll/toxic. Again, they figure - all they have to do is remove the part that's "infected".

It's just too easy to dismiss people who don't fall in line as trolls/toxic - and when you do that instead of addressing the superficial dishonesty that occurs as a result of having the "wrong" opinion, they become less and less capable of dealing with it when it comes around... So when someone like Daniel james gets upset about 800$ of overhyped string pads - a.) he already knows he's going to face an army of angry forum users and b.) people are already saying he's edgy/toxic/looking for attention/trouble...

And for a brief moment - all those who have been petrified into silence felt like it was okay to be more honest about their disappointments - and that caused a massive slug fest over literlly NOTHING.

Headshot's ban was just a canary in a coal mine... when spitfire releases a mediorce product with hans zimmer's name on it, it spawned 11 threads, pages and pages and pages long, kicking screaming - biting, crying, animosity, all of it. If a community is THAT UNABLE TO DISAGREE without it turning into bloodshed - then the problem has gone on far too long.

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The Impartial
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Re: I Find Your Selective Memory Disturbing, Mike Verta...

Post by Headshot » Mon 14 May 2018 13:03

I can't stand hypocritical people, those who pretend to report a problem while they fed it :


You dare to complain that VIC considers some members superior ?! whereas that's exactly what you did !
You are a joke.

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