Oblivion soundtrack inspiration ?

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Oblivion soundtrack inspiration ?

Post by Arko » Sun 6 Jan 2019 16:11


The first part is a track used in the french TV show, Fort Boyard.
Obviously, I don't seriously think Anthony Gonzalez actually got his inspiration from this, but... He's french, and probably grew up watching that show.
Anyway, that's funny !

I pitched and changed the tempo of the Fort Boyard piece a little bit.
The untouched versions:

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Re: Oblivion soundtrack inspiration ?

Post by FriFlo » Mon 7 Jan 2019 09:58

Well, I guess that is what happens when you do those simplistic 4 chord patterns with some sound design and beat added. The tracks end up sounding the same, except for the Sounddesign. :-)

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