What do you guys know about EIS?

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What do you guys know about EIS?

Post by FriFlo » Wed 6 Mar 2019 18:03

I usually don't want to bring topics from VI-C over here to further discuss them, but this time I want to make an exception (by the way, I was allowed back to VI-C, no prerequisites or strings attached, so please refrain form spinning conspiracy theories about it!):

https://vi-control.net/community/thread ... oks.72566/

VI-C has its own section in music theory dedicated to EIS (Equal Interval System). You can read about it here:

(the web site seems to be offline for now ...)

I am usually interested in music theory, so I wanted to check out what it is about. The peculiar thing about it is, though, you cannot buy any books about it. It is only taught in one-on-one classes by former students and the inventors relatives distribute these classes exclusively over this channel. On VI-C most people seem to ignore this topic, others see a problem they may not buy a book about it or see some sample lessons. But the most active members of this section are students who passionately defend the class and the system.
What I think about EIS, I have written in the linked thread. But I am interested, if there is anyone who might know about it.

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Re: What do you guys know about EIS?

Post by Raph » Fri 8 Mar 2019 06:28

Interested too in some feedback, because Farkle mentioned it several times, and I have no idea if it would be useful or if it would just be a kind of procrastination over an already very reduced production time. I've seen the topic at VI-C, but I barely participate in this forum anymore.

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